Dewar’s 25 is finished in freshly-dumped… Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do. My memory is not clouded by this decision. Review: Aberfeldy 12, 16, and 21 Years Old Christopher Null June 28, 2020 Aberfeldy is best known for its significant contributions to Dewar’s Scotch blends (Dewar’s being the distillery’s corporate owner), but it’s also the home to its own line of single malts, with … This expression features whisky drawn from bourbon and sherry casks, married together in yet more casks and bottled at 15 years of age. Flavored whisky is on the rise, that’s why Dewar’s wanted to bring smooth Caribbean flavor to Scotland for the first in a series of double-aged cask finishes. Tasting Notes (2) After we blend our DEWAR'S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky, we return it to vintage oak casks, allowing the whiskies to age together and harmonize to perfection. This was not unheard of, as many blends started out life in the same way, and they soon boomed in popularity, and the name Dewar was known across Scotland. Dewar’s The Ancestor 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky rating was calculated by to be 91 points out of 100 on 7/24/2018. Dewars / Dewars Dewars 12 Year Old – The Ancestor Blended Scotch Review I've been looking at Blended Scotch quite closely recently and there are a number of other reviews to come in the next few weeks, this Dewars 12 year old - the ancestor is todays. Rating: 2. The classic 12 year old blend from Dewars, this stuff is the successor to Dewar's "Double Aged" 12 Year Old - so named in reference to the additional 6 month marriage the whisky enjoys after the initial maturation and blending. Possibly one of the best-balanced whiskies around—which is what blending is all about—this honey-hued Scotch measures out fruit, smoke, oak and spice. This review was scribbled down in some paper napkin at a dark and forgettable bar, back in Nov 2015. As the name might suggest, the company John Dewar and Sons was founded in 1846 by founder John Dewar, Sr and his sons John, Jr and Thomas Dewar. A review of Dewar's 12 Year Old Scotch whisky on Difford's Guide - the definitive guide for discerning drinkers. Odiewon's Explorers Club review: Dewar's 12 Year Old Special Reserve. Dewar’s The Monarch, 15 YO, 40% ABV, 750 ml, $42 This is a slightly older version than the 12 YO, and also consists of a blend of 40 different grain and malt whiskies. The Dewar’s 12 has more cereal on the nose, while JWB is a bit cleaner. This comes at a time when many major brands are consistently removing age statements. 080480231026 I'm not a big fan of blends however this is quite a pleasant surprise. Please note that MSRP may have changed since the date of our review. John Dewar was one of the first Scotsmen to blend whisky and my bottle of Dewar’s True Scotch 12 Years Old carries the additional moniker ‘The Ancestor’. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. Oh, and I did review Aberfeldy 12 Year Old, which is the heart of Dewar's and where you can find the Dewar World of Whisky visitor centre at their distillery (I've never been). Dewar's 12 Year Old The Ancestor Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml is the result of a time-honored process. Josh Peters August 1, … Overall: Dewar’s are doubling down on releasing some great whisky. Besides Aberfeldy, Dewar's also has Aultmore, Craigellachie, Royal Brackla and Macduff, among others I am sure. Basic Dewar's blend, thought of mainly as a mixer (check the attached pic and you'll a terrible high glass filled with terrible ice cubes) but not as bas as I first believed when sipped on its own (well, on ice.) Honey is brightest on the palate, and a smoky, tobacco-laden aftertaste lingers on the finish. It is a blended Scotch that, according to the label, was “Married in Oak Casks”. The Dewar’s range itself was the focus of a rebrand in 2015 and this 18 year old received a facelift for a new generation. Age statements are of some importance to Dewar’s. Let’s get to the lowdown. Dewar’s The Signature 25 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky Double Aged rating was calculated by to be 93 points out of 100 on 7/23/2018. Rich, refreshing, sweet and herbaceous, taking all of the components of the classic cocktail the Bobby Burns, and putting a fresh spin on it, also works just as well in The Original Highball. Review: Dewar’s Special Reserve 12 Years Old January 23, 2008 A cut above standard grade Dewar’s, this 12-year-old blended Scotch is as smooth as they come. The Dewar’s 12 yo blended whisky made quite an impression on me. Pingback: Dewar's 12 Years Review - The Whiskey Jug June 2, 2016. The Practice is maintained The blend is then married in oak casks for a light, velvety finish. Wouldn't buy it but would drink it if poured for me. They are owned by Bacardi and their Aberfeldy distillery is an award winning tourist attraction. Dewar's 12yr blended scotch is "double aged" taking 12yr scotch whiskies and then returning them to oak for a final "marrying" of flavors. Warm, buttery, and mellow. Buy Dewars Scotch Whisky in our Online Scotch Whisky Shop, specializing in Dewars Whisky products Then, we managed to lose the cap. Featured. Tommy transformed the brand, selling it up and down the UK as well as across the globe. Dewars Signature Review: In 1889, John Dewar and Sons released its finest Scotch, Dewar’s 12 years old blended Scotch whisky, a blend using cereal whiskies from the oldest known distilleries. Replacing their non-age statement luxury blend Dewar’s Signature is a new 25-year-old expression. How would you rate this product? Poured … Throwdown of the 12-year blends. ScotchBalls's Explorers Club review: Dewar's 12 Year Old Special Reserve. The brand was first founded by John Dewar, in a little grocery store on Perth High Street. Clean, full, and lively. Reply. Rating: 3. Another scotch review. Dewar's is one of the world's most awarded whiskies, recently winning the Monde Grand Gold across their range. ... Review and Tasting notes for the Dewar’s 15 yo “The Monarch” Blended Whisky. Dewar’s 12 … Start your review of Dewar's® 12 Blended Scotch Whisky 375mL! The Dewar’s 8 years old blended Scotch whisky was followed by the 10 years old in 1898; this was awarded the Gold Medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition. This in no way, per our editorial policies , influenced the final outcome of this review. Decent bottle at best. The good rating/awards and positive reviews here combined with a sale price ($15/375ml) convinced me to give this a shot. This extra step makes DEWAR'S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky an even smoother blend with a long, lingering finish. So, I was at a party, we had a handle of Dewar's White Label, and I took some notes. Juicy raisins and fresh citrus, with subtle vanilla. The Dewar’s palate is sweet, Lyles golden syrup and not a hint of smoke, while the JWB is spicier, more complex, less sweet. octobre 14 2019, 11:29 pm. Odiewon - December 6, 2010 - 7:25pm. The blended whisky giant has made a major change to their core lineup. Kristie July 13, 2016. whoah this blog is fantastic i really like studying your articles. Dewar's 12 year old blend, called 'Double Aged' due to the 6 months of marrying in oak casks that the whisky does after initial maturation and blending. A fruity, clean and polished malt with a touch of honey and spice, Aberfeldy 12 Year Old is an excellent introduction to this Highland distillery. Today, Dewar’s is owned by Bacardi though John & Tommy’s ‘White Label’ brand remains the flagship expression. The 12 year old version meanwhile, offers a touch more maturity and sophistication, thanks in part to a six month marrying period where the vatted components are put back into casks for six months. 118 reviews. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies . 8. This is a weird one. I quite like the packaging which is beyond what you’d expect for a blended Scotch in this price range despite the difficulty in opening the box. DEWAR'S 15 Limited Edition Blended Scotch Whisky is a blend of very rare vintage single malt and single grain scotch whiskies. Editor’s Note: This whisky was provided to us as a review sample by Dewar’s. Only in the Finish does the Grain Alcohol become more present. By kim H. 2787 fairmount blvd, cleveland, ohio. I like the Aroma and Flavor profile although it's pretty Mainstream and I really wonder how good this Blend would be when matured in first class casks and bottled at 46%. 2 reviews. Please note that MSRP may have changed since the date of our review. Dewar's 15yo The Monarch Bottling Note 15 year old blended Scotch whisky from the Deward's range, with a particularly regal name - The Monarch. Aberfeldy's main claim to fame is as the heart of the excellent Dewar's blend but whiskies like this are putting it firmly in the spotlight. Keep up the great work! The Dewar's 18 Years is a nice and soft Blend. The brand passed on to John Dewar Jr. in 1880, and he brought his brother, a maverick and socialite, Tommy on board as partner. You know, many persons are looking around for this information, you could aid them greatly. Dewar’s has several malts under their name, with the core Dewar’s whisky range comprising White Label, a 12 Year Old, a 15 Year Old and an 18 Year Old. Since we couldn't (or didn't want to) transport it safely/legally anywhere, we (I) made it our (my) mission to drink as much of it as possible. Dewar's 12 Year Flavor Notes: Honey, homemade candy apples, and fudge. Delicious and affordable, this excellent blend quickly made it onto my Top 5 Blends for 2017 list. This has replaced the 12 yr Special Reserve in the Dewar's canon. I went straight out to buy a bottle.

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