//]]>. You should know if I don't have you (Rocks me to the core, I can't love no more) If I don't have you (Know I'm done for sure, nobody worth fighting for) I'll tear down these walls that's on my life I'll lose my mind if I don't have you If I don't have you Looking at my phone, but you ain't even call It received a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. If I ain't got you Some people want it all But I don't want nothing at all If it ain't you baby If I ain't got you baby Some people want diamond rings Some just want everything But everything means nothing If I ain't got you If I ain't got you with me baby Nothing in this whole wide world don't mean a thing If I ain't got you … Released in February 2004 as the album's second single, the song peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and became Keys' second consecutive R&B chart-topper, remaining atop the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs for six weeks. //
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