Hashtable vs HashMap: Parameter. HashTable; 1: Introduction: Hashmap is the advanced version of HashTable and is introduced as a new class in JDK 1.2. Yes. Hashtable Hashtable is basically a data structure to retain values of key-value pair. HashMap vs HashSet vs Hashtable – HashSet with Examples: Collections: HashMap, HashSet and Hashtable are a part of Collections. No. hide. We have already discussed other popular java interview questions like ArrayList vs Vector and Comparator vs Comparable.This question is generally asked in java intereview to check whether candidate understand correct usage of collection classes and has knowledge of alternative solutions. Share. Due to theadSafe and Synchronized,it is often slower than HashMap. Now, the question that arises here is that when should we use BST over Hash Table and where should we prefer Hash Table over BST? HashMap is the best thing to use in a single threaded application. ThreadSafe. Summary. In single threaded environment, it is much faster than Hashtable.So if you do not work in multi thread environment ,then hashMap is recommended. HashMap vs HashTable. report. Comparison: BST vs HashTable. On the other hand, Hashtable is thread safe, and therefore can be shared between multiple threads. HashMap. Difference between HashMap and Hashtable is one of the most popular java interview questions. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In … The basic Hashtable is quite similar to the HashMap, even down the method names. In this article we are going to understand in detail regarding HashMap, HashSet and HashTable No. The collection of Entries is referred by the object of HashMap and Hashtable. (HashMap Here) HashMap, HashSet and HashTable: HashMap, HashSet and Hashtable usually store values in key value pair. save. Each pair is called Entry object. Posted by just now. ** Both HashTable and HashMap implements Map interface. 24.8k 14 14 gold badges 147 … Synchronization of HashMap Vs. Hashtable; Both HashMap and Hashtable use hashing techniques to store values based on the key. When to use which data structure? The primary difference between HashMap and Hashtable is that HashMap is not thread-safe, and therefore cannot be shared between multiple threads without external synchronization. HashMap vs HashTable. It will throw NullPointerException. Yes. Vote. HashMap is fast as compared to HashTable. HashMap Vs HashTable in Java. I'm having trouble understanding when to use a hashmap and when to use a hashtable in java? Keys in a collection must be unique or distinctive. * It does not allow null for both key and value. The HashMap and Hashtable, both are used to represent a group of objects that are represented in pair. Close. 0 comments. In Hashtable, you specify an object that can be used as a key and the value that goes with the key. HashTable was released in old versions of Java whereas ConcurrentHashMap is a java 5+ thing. ; Once the size of Hashtable and SynchronizedMap becomes considerable large because for the iteration it has to be locked for the longer duration. Follow edited Jan 19 '15 at 11:20. naXa. share. HashMap is not thread-safe. So we have seen the differences between the Binary Search Tree and Hash Table. HashTable on the other hand is the legacy class and was introduced prior to HashMap. It stores key/value pair in hash table. Performance. 100% Upvoted. HashMap vs Hashtable. Are you preparing for an interview for a Java profession? Hashtable. HashMap is preferred over the HashTable as HashTable is a legacy class and is considered as due to depreciation. Improve this answer. You must understand the differences between HashMap and HashTable as it is an important interview question for any Java professional to kickstart the career. Synchronized. While in ConcurrentHashMap, even if its size become very large, only portion or segment of the Map is locked which improves the performance in multithreading environment.

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