Do you have multi-colored mirror glass, and have no idea what to do with it? We all need a ray of sunshine in our lives, and this DIY mirror enraptures precisely that and more! Source. A costless and practical project to carry out, this mirror will undoubtedly deliver a rustic, yet innovative note. If you’re looking for a chic, unique, beautiful mirror that’s easy to customize to whatever size you need. This mirror looks fabulous. Here’s how: Need more ideas? What you will need is a plain round mirror, a handful of thin contractor shims, a bit of glue and a fabulous spray paint. Arrange your succulents as desired and marvel the final mirror layout. So, for the price of one small sized hanging mirror, we framed out two huge bathroom mirrors, in an afternoon. Adding décor to the bathroom by installing mirror decorative framing. After measuring your mirror frame, you can start putting the pieces together, and painting them additionally if needed. by Addicted 2 Decorating. Source. Mirrors can be used as design elements that bring light into a room and make small spaces feel bigger. A boring, basic mirror the risk of looking cheap, while a high-end mirror might be out of your price range. For the frame, you’ll need some wood strips, sandpaper, blue-white wire, paint of your color choice, bulb holders, bulbs – go LED, if possible – industrial grade double-sided tape, and some basic tools. 1. You’ll love the classy touch it adds to your decor. And if you get to save a few dollars along the way, that’s a plus! There are these classy Anthropologie brushstroke plated mirrors that many of you would love to have at home. Here are a whopping 50 easy tutorials for you to choose from. Another fancy and stylish DIY mirror was coming right up! It’s a mosaic craft made from plywood, a round mirror, and a collection of mosaic pieces and beads in the color scheme. We like Ikea hacks now and then because they allow us to create amazing things from simple stuff. If you were wondering how to elevate your old tray, here is an idea that works! This absolutely gorgeous mirror looks like it comes straight out of one of those expensive department store catalogs. ; Or … Get this excellent decor accent and join the repurposing bandwagon. Especially if you follow a mosaic works tutorial to craft the piece. Small logs DIY frame. Take the casing and cut the top, bottom and sides to those lengths (on the outside edge) with 45-degree miters on both ends using your miter saw (this should leave a 1-inch overhang when installed on the mirror). You’ll need some basic tools and power tools, as well, including a jigsaw and drill. Such is this extraordinary DIY mirror frame idea, which comes in the shape of the sun…with a robotic touch to it, of course! Begin by assembling two box-shaped wood frames, supported by stapled chicken wire. How to Build a DIY Frame to Hang over a Bathroom Mirror What you’ll need to create it is a central mirror, a bunch of metallic decorative skewers, a handful of tiny mirrors in various dimensions, and a good will to bring it all together. You’ll need a saw to cut the circular wood piece – or get creative and find a circular at Walmart or Michaels – and some spray paint, a drill, and some hanging hardware. You can easily find the crystals online in larger packs at places like Amazon or Etsy. Now cut out a pocket or groove in the primary trim pieces to accommodate the edges of the mirror … The page isn’t so much a tutorial, but more of a collection of photos and ideas on how to make it. What you’ll need is a PVC pipe, of course, and a few cutting skills to help you form ring-shaped pieces of different sizes. This full length mirror frame is made of wooden rulers (234 of them, to be exact). Follow the easy to read tutorial a few times beforehand to make sure you understand the process and prepare properly. Frames with Shelves. Everyone has one. Keep the table saw unplugged when not in use, especially when adjusting the blade or fence. Watch the full tutorial to learn how to carry out this mirror project just right! It also offers some storage space for small things in your entryway. You just need to find some scrap wood to reclaim and a visit to the hardware store. All you’ll need to do is find an old tennis racket – shop eBay, thrift stores, or the grandparent’s attic. Just be sure to use safety precautions. A great way to add architectural interest to your decor is via a window pane mirror. Do you need a mirror to warm up the house with some brightness? Get a bunch of different color mirrors (vitrine glass), some glue, and a plywood base surface and which create a rainbow-like feel. Give your space instant designer style with a custom mirror frame! Easily DIY Mirror Frame Step-by-step. This beautiful frame looks like the popular options you’d find at the store for upwards of $100. The best part is that it’s super easy to build, despite looking kind of fancy and expensive. DIY Mirror Frame Ideas. Instead, we will give you 50 options for a DIY mirror that you can make yourself. What you’ll need is a frameless round mirror and a smaller doily which will leave room to create the frame. From glass cutting to Mod Podge or woodworking to mosaics, you’ll find a wide range of options that could inspire your next project. Measuring an eye-catching 3 1/4” wide and 1 5/8” tall, the Le Flore Reverse offers a sharply sloped outer edge and … Make sure you pre-determine the color scheme first, which might require some artistic skills. Just the right touch. Attach the mirror onto the vertical headboard frame, and you’re just about done! Just follow the tutorial’s suggestions. Beyond practical and affordable, this DIY mirror project will introduce a hint of summer in any room of your house. This DIY tutorial is super easy and fun to follow, so grab up the supplies and find those branches. Contemporary feels are quite the hit at the moment, so feel free to give this project a try! First, find a mirror that matches your tray the best (round, square, etc. This absolutely gorgeous mirror frame is surprisingly simple to make compared to what you’d probably think. Nov 5, 2014 - Explore Teresa Franklin's board "DIY frame for bathroom mirror" on Pinterest. Transform your dull room and create this DIY mirror by using a full-length mirror, and a dynamic pattern to go along with it! Tutorial at The Wood Grain Cottage. If you need ideas, peruse Pinterest for a while. Tutorial at BuildBasic. The tutorial is easy to follow, but if you’re more of a visual learner, there’s also a video at the end of the post to learn more about how to make this plastic spoon upcycle project. Ready? Wood Starburst Mirror Frame. Time-friendly, cost-effective and relatively easy to do, you will only need several bits to recreate this TP mirror, including TP rolls, a round mirror, and some spray painting skills. DIY Network shows you how to add a frame to your unframed, basic bathroom mirror. Hi Guys! What this task requires is a pre-purchased plywood mirror frame, possibly in a rectangular shape. Here’s another full-length floor mirror frame that you’ll love if you want something simple, beautiful, and rustic looking. This is another easy to create mirror frame that’s perfect for the kids, less-than-handy, or those just looking for a quick, easy, fun project that looks fantastic. Gold dipped decor accents are exciting and add some class to your interior design. There are so many ways to create a personal mirror frame that accents your home décor. Well, take a look at this ravishing DIY mirror project! If you need something straightforward yet something that will add to your home decor, consider this minimalist floor mirror. Create multi-colored layers of seashells and starfish, gluing them on top of each other…and that’s about it! If you’re the one who likes to go the full length with your DIY projects, you will want to make a custom mirror before you frame it too. It will takes you 2 hours and will cost $20. Create a diagonal design by playing around with the shims, before painting them in a rustic shade, which always works amazingly regarding texture! Transforming a plain mirror frame into a sensational succulent design is not only possible and easy to do but keeps your budget balanced as well! But instead, you can make this beautiful sunburst frame from just some simple shims, a woodcut, a mirror, and some glue. Rita Pike is the granddaughter of aviatrix, Jerrie Mock, first woman to fly around the world solo. 17. Follow the very simple instructions to create this stunning mirror frame. These twenty frame options are mostly pretty easy to make and all a bit unique. Also, with a reasonable budget in mind, you can’t say ‘no’ to it! The tutorial suggests amethysts as the rock décor items, but you can choose any stone for the project, in whatever color you love most. You’ll just need some basic tools and several hours to put it together and let it dry thoroughly. And they are perfect for learning how to do a variety of different DIY project types. It’s got amazing texture, thanks to those lapping waves and salt, and a natural “patina” that only the environment could give. This rustic floor mirror looks big and fancy, but it’s not a challenging project to make at all. This constellation mirror is easy to achieve if you follow the detailed tutorial accordingly. Big things often come in small packages, and creating this project is both functional and gentle at the same time. Follow the source link bellow for the tutorial. The DIY mirror frame is ready to hang. Use glue to attach the corner moldings properly, and your new mirror is right to go! Here is a fantastic DIY mirror idea that uses a mosaic to create a multi-layer mirror that will deliver a special pop! Introduce seaside vibes and inspire your inner sailor with this beautiful DIY rope mirror. The Wakefield mirror frame features beaded details. Make sure you purchase the mirror beforehand, or you could try cutting it into shape yourself! Mirrors are commonly used to make the room seem bigger and lighter as well. With a ridiculously low budget, this mirror will have your friends drooling over it! If you are keen on the sophisticated, yet trendy millennial vibe, pay attention, as another great DIY project is coming your way! The tutorial specifies pipes of the same size, but for some added fun, you may want to pick a few different circumference sizes of PVC pipes to make them a little more unique. The main thing to remember for this project is that precision and ability to balance all elements is essential. A few screws and wall hangers will help you attach the mirror to any vertical surface, giving your space a truly homely feel! Although intriguing-looking, this DIY mirror frame is quite simple to execute and doesn’t take up too much time, or money. Here are a whopping 50 easy tutorials for you to choose from. Super easy, super beautiful. DIY Mirror Solutions from Frame My Mirror ®. Cutting, gluing and wiring are simple skills necessary to execute this sunflower project right, but you can find all specifics and methods of doing it right in the provided tutorial. Once done, attach the frame to the mirror by using binder clips. Remove the doily will introduce a pop of retro elements in the room at once. For this design, you’ll need a bunch of driftwood in different sizes, plywood, a glue gun, and a jigsaw, among others. Our Add A Frames® adhere directly to the surface of your mirror, so they will install easily if your mirror … Adding space to your vanity. It’s a beautifully unique way to turn “trash” into a stunning treasure everybody will love. The best designs are often the simplest. Source. Notes If you don't have a mirror up before you start, you can purchase a mirror from Home Depot and hang with the spring loaded mirror clips and the six … This DIY bathroom mirror frame is such an easy project to upgrade builder-grade mirrors in your home. A nice framed mirror, particularly a decorative one, will cost you upwards of $100 or more depending on where you buy it. Let me show you how! As an Amazon Associate earns from qualifying purchases. Extra plywood to hold it all together will be required, but nothing too technical. Would you give an incredible DIY project a go, if you knew it wouldn’t cost you a penny? DIY Wood Framed Mirror. You’ll just need an hour or so, plus drying time for the paint. By using a plywood toolkit and a few other things, including a jigsaw, cleat, and paint, you’ll be able to cut out oval wood pieces, paint them and glue them to fit the mirror frame just perfectly. What is best about this project, is that you can frame any mirror by using a handful of soft violet crystals. Cheap, Easy, Anyone Can DIY Mirror Frame! She writes on many things including theater, film, television, pet care, faith and religion, travel, podcasting, writing, budget, DIY, and the occasional political topic. This beautiful frame looks like the popular options you’d find at the store for upwards of $100. Follow the tutorial, and you’ll have a brilliant addition to your bedroom with a warm rustic accent. Using a table saw, cut the trim and molding pieces to size. Receive DIY tips and inspiration directly into your inbox. Therefore, we believe this smashing DIY mirror idea will be a real stunner for any creative and patient craftsman who likes taking his time perfecting it. Via Wonderful DIY. Practice makes perfect, which is why this nice rope mirror project is just the one to try out. It’s easy to use the technique, and you’ll love having a floor mirror made in this style at home. All fans of the hippie vibe will surely appreciate this idea, which doesn’t cost a lot of money, and still works as an adorable and practical piece. Playing with all elements will ultimately create a beautiful mirror design that is both cheap and captivating! DIY wood mirror frames. You can build it in a day, mount it, and be ready to put on that makeup. This DIY mirror project requires several elements, including a frameless mirror, two pieces of thick baseboard and a few corner round moldings. For every true art lover and handyman, this DIY mirror frame is a real knockout! 30 DIY Gorgeous & Easy DIY Notebook Covers, 35 DIY Bed Frame Ideas For a Customized Place To Rest Your Head. It’s as simple as it gets but adds a lot of interest at the same time. You just need some simple supplies from around the house, along with a foam core board, compass, mirror, and glue gun. Though there’s no actual tutorial for this project, it serves as great inspiration. If you like saving some money on knock-off DIY designs, this is a fun project for you. What you’ll ultimately accomplish is a tasteful and flirty mirror which didn’t hurt your wallet and still looks brand-worthy! So if you’ve got some crafting skills and a little imagination, you’ll be fine. Nice, right? So is this little project turning a plain mirror frame into a charming rustic decor accent? Don’t forget to re-read the tutorials a few times each before starting on one, gather up the materials ahead of time, and give yourself some time, especially if you’re newer to crafting. It’s super easy to do, so anyone who can shop can do it, seriously. Luckily, framing a mirror is a DIY task even a novice can take on. If you want to add some architectural interest to your home decor or just want to divide space functionally, this DIY turmeau mirror will do the trick nicely. The DIY design itself should be created in Photoshop first, and it will be realized by cutting it out of a board piece. It’s easy and fairly fast to make, just allow for plenty of drying time before hanging. Create an octagon shape by cutting the glass carefully (again, it’s easy! Finally, follow the tutorial’s simple instructions to attach the mirror onto the frame and complete the entire project with an immense precision!

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